40 Point Rapid Response to COVID-19

March 18, 2020 by Maids and Beyond

Maids and Beyond 40 Point Rapid Response to COVID-19



Maids and Beyond is aware of the challenges, fear, and concerns that COVID-19 and the Flu bring about for many Colorado families.

We are in a unique position to support families in ensuring that your space is safe. We have an in-depth knowledge of the various cleaning products, chemicals as well as best practices to support you in providing safe space for your loved ones. During this pandemic, we have chosen to enhance how we do our work so that you can be worry-free in your home.

Our current protocols include green products complimentary with every cleaning, in light of the current pandemic of COVID-19 and this being Flu season we now offer an enhancement to high impact touchpoints. Specifically using products that are registered with the EPA for emerging viral pathogens that target viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other microbes. Our maids will also use foot booties, gloves and face masks during your service for your security and assurance. Using products that specifically target viruses are key in managing COVID-19, the flu and other viral outbreaks that may pose a risk.

Maids and Beyond is uniquely qualified to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between homes and businesses. All of our microfiber rags and mops are washed and sanitized after each service. Each home gets fresh, clean and sanitized materials. Our vacuum filters and our brooms are also cleaned and disinfected after each service.



While Maids and Beyond is committed to using products that are safe and eco-friendly we are also dedicated to ensuring that we are being responsible and addressing concerns as they emerge. Our medical-grade products are not only effective but safe for you, your family and pets and they do not replace our use of green products, they are in addition to for high contact areas specifically.



These high contact areas will receive special care and will be disinfected with special wipes that are antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial. All floors will be treated with a broad-spectrum anti-viral cleaner (does not damage floors).

General Areas

  • Hand Rails

  • Sinks & Faucets

  • Countertops

  • Window Sills

  • Equipment Controls (Electronics etc)

  • Cabinet & File Drawer Knobs / Handles

  • Chair Arms

  • Mouse, Keyboard, & Printer Tables

  • Dressers, Etc

  • Remotes

  • Telephones

  • Door Knobs

  • Handles

  • Light Switches

  • Night Stands

  • Hard Surfaces of Bed

  • Blind Handles

  • Key & security alarm panels


  • Counter Items & dispensers

  • Toilet Inside & Out

  • Faucet & Shower Fixtures

  • Bathroom counters

  • Cabinet Pulls


  • Counters

  • Sink Fixtures

  • Appliance Controls & Knobs

  • Appliance Handles

  • Cabinet handles & Small Appliances (Coffee Pots, Etc)

  • Sink Brushes & Tools